First tests of the concept

22-01-2017 0 comments PhotoMaker360 Info

First version of mecatronica and firmware through buttons for setting options and screen for information output.

A microcontroller in the Arduino environment is used at the logical level.

On this configuration and connection we can begin to work the different options and functionalities that will contain the control program of the robotized platform, we begin to make ourselves a composition of what we will really need to incorporate the software to achieve our goal, a system capable of to perform with agility the photography of product, not only in 360º view, also in flat view and with the possibility of continuous rotation for video captures.

Also in order to maximize the workflow we want to include aids for the final framing, would consist of an aid for the positioning of the product inside the cabin, marking the exact center, using a cross laser and some options fine to face the product in the desired frame.

Challenge begins!

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