General issues

Photo Maker 360 is a device for manufacturing and creating product photographs and interactive 360º views.

Fully automatically and through an Android App, the device synchronizes and keeps under control the lighting, movement, positioning, shooting, pause, etc.

In this way, with a great workflow, a series of professional quality catches are generated for later use as individual photographs or to generate an interactive 360º view, by "stitching" all the captures.


Photo Maker 360 is mainly aimed at eCommerce, bloggers, catalog creators, photographers and studios, 3D printers, etc.

It is very easy to use and can be very useful for anyone with a need to obtain product photographs and interactive 360º views of the highest quality.

If you know how to press the trigger button of your camera, be sure that you will not have any problems with Photo Maker 360,... however we will always be very close to any problem that may arise.


You only have to position the product or object in the center of the rotary table of the base of the robot and to configure a few parameters like the number of catches, speed, pause, acceleration, intensity of illumination, etc. Via the Android App.

Once the sequence is set, start it and in a few seconds you will have all the shots, with absolute precision, to use as individual photos, such as a 360º interactive view or for a 3D model.


In a basic configuration, you only need the own device Photo Maker 360 and a camera DSLR to be able to realize all the photograph of that will compose the sequence. Once the capture is done you will have to extract the images from the card of the camera and take them to your computer to process them and use them according to your purpose. In this case and if you want to compose an interactive 360º view we recommend the use of the software WebRotate360.

For a more advanced assembly you will need a computer from where you can control all the capture, camera configuration and creation of the interactive 360º view, all through a same software, Object2VR, Photo Maker 360 is fully integrated and 100% with this program To perform all the work from the same environment and through the interface of Object2VR.


The price of Photo Maker 360 will be set at 890 € through the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Once the campaign is finished, the price will be 1.480 € for the Cabin version and 1.180 € for the Studio version.


If you want to collaborate with our project and make yourself with a Photo Maker 360 device at launch price, you can pay with all the guarantees through your account in the platform Kickstarter.


Of course yes! Just have to contact us and provide your data to generate your invoice.


We will send Photo Maker 360 to any part of the world through DHL, we are excited to see the work and feedback of our brakers from anywhere on the planet.


We are producing and sending Photo Maker 360 from Tarragona, province of Spain,... according to our analysis and logistics work we can estimate a range of shipping prices from 30 € to 55 €.


Of course yes, then we detail them to you and if you have any doubt, you can always contact us.

  • Control of the system through App for Android with bluetooth connection with robotized platform.
  • Continuous mode selection (for video), or photo-to-photo.
  • Selection of the number of catches (1 to 360) that will compose the sequence.
  • Motion speed selection.
  • Acceleration/deceleration range selection (for smooth movement and no sudden advances/stops that could displace the object and deteriorate the quality of the 360º sequence).
  • Selecting the pause time between pictures 3-10s. (To include a time of stabilization of the object, essential in captures of liquids, perfumes, wines, etc.).
  • Controlled lighting environment through the App.
  • Support for panning with left and right shifting before shooting begins (Continuous and Fine).
  • Helps the central positioning of the object to be captured by means of laser in cross.
  • Save of the App configuration Profile for use in later sessions.
  • Synchronization with DSLR cameras.
  • Synchronization and full integration with the software Object2VR, for Windows or Mac, for creating interactive sequences of 360º.
  • Firmware Updates USB Port.
  • Maximum weight supported in work order: 350 Kg
  • Weight of device: 2 Kg.
  • External Dimensions (Cabin): 70x52x62cm.
  • Interior working space (Cabin): 50x50x60cm



For the control and configuration app you need Android 5 or higher with bluetooth 4.4 or higher.

For integration with the computer software for creation of interactive sequences of 360º Object2VR.


  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher.
  • Mac OS 10.6.1 or higher
  • Linux (tested con Ubuntu 10.04, OpenSuse 10.2)

Any DSLR camera with input for remote shutter is compatible with Photo Maker 360.


Of course, you will only be forced to lose the synchronization of the shot and you will need to be alert to shoot manually in the time of pause between photos.


Totally yes, it is one of the qualities of Photo Maker 360, in combination with Autodesk Remake software you can get perfect models at a very low cost.

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